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Webplat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. cookie Policy

  • Webplat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company," "we," "us," or "our") is committed to informing you about the utilization of cookies and akin technologies on our website, , and its associated subdomains.
  • Our employment of cookies and various tracking technologies on the Site serves a multitude of purposes. These encompass load balancing verification, content popularity assessment, in-depth analysis of Site traffic and trends, facilitation of marketing initiatives, and a comprehensive comprehension of the online behaviors exhibited by individuals engaging with our Site.
  • While certain cookies may not be strictly imperative for the basic operation of the Site, they significantly enhance your overall user experience. By leveraging these cookies, we can, among other things, gauge the effectiveness of advertisements and web searches and attain valuable insights into user behavior, all with the ultimate aim of refining our communications and products.
  • Please note that opting to block essential cookies may result in certain features of our Site functioning sub-optimally. For a more extensive understanding of the cookie types we employ, the purposes we pursue, and the choices available to you, we invite you to delve into the detailed information provided herein.

Cookies Overview

  • Cookies are compact text files that contain information transmitted by websites to your browser. They are subsequently stored on your device, which can encompass a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device with cookie support.

Your Choices

  • The decision to accept or decline cookies rests entirely with you. It's crucial to note, though, that cookies constitute a pivotal element of our Site's functionality. Opting to block or delete cookies may result in certain Site features functioning suboptimal or becoming inaccessible.
  • Most web browsers are conventionally configured to accept cookies. Nevertheless, the prerogative to determine whether your browser should block or delete cookies remains under your control.

Types of Cookies, Purposes and Retention

We refrain from employing cookies as a direct means of identifying you. Our utilization of cookies is strictly aligned with the following objectives:

  • Necessary: These cookies and other tracking technologies stand as imperative components for your interaction with the Site. Furthermore, they are instrumental in ensuring our compliance with relevant data protection regulations. Specific tasks encompass determining the user's consent for cookies by verifying acceptance of the cookie consent box and examining browser cookie support.
  • Preferences: These cookies empower our website to retain user choices, including but not limited to language preferences.
  • Analytics: These cookies serve to enhance our comprehension of user interaction with our website, such as page visit statistics and page loading speed. Crucially, all data is collected anonymously to safeguard your identity, with the primary goal being the enhancement of website functionality.
  • Marketing: The utilization of these cookies and other tracking technologies is pivotal for delivering pertinent online advertising to you on external websites. These cookies, originating from both us and select third-party entities, facilitate the presentation of advertisements to you across third-party websites.

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  • This Cookie Policy constitutes an integral component of our overarching Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Should any queries arise concerning our use of cookies or your personal information, we encourage you to peruse our Privacy Policy or reach out to us directly.