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Webplat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Privacy Policy

  • Webplat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to collect and manage personal data, and this privacy policy outlines the procedures by which Webplat and its partner’s entities gather, process, and utilize this personal data. It also delineates the rights afforded to individuals who are data subjects and/or consumers.
  • Please be aware that the term "private data" is employed to encompass all information concerning an identified or identifiable individual. Specific notices applicable to individual countries may employ different terminology as necessary.

Collection of Personal/Private data

  • Webplat collects various types of personal data through different means, each serving distinct purposes.
  • When visiting Webplat websites on the World Wide Web, data may be collected without necessarily identifying you as an individual. Our web servers and affiliated entities, responsible for analytics and performance services, may gather data including but not limited to IP addresses, browsing information, connectivity details, language settings, and other relevant information. This data is aggregated to analyze website traffic, average time spent, pages viewed, and other metrics used to generate data analytics.

  • The information collected in this manner is utilized by Webplat for the assessment of website usage, and content updates, and to maintain the security of personal data, ultimately enhancing website performance. On specific occasions, if you register with us to access restricted content on our website, we may collect your username and password.

  • In some instances, we may acquire data from third parties, particularly social networks, if you permit us to access your data through our website. Additionally, with your consent, we may access your location data to customize content based on your geographic location. Furthermore, data may be shared under a privacy agreement with partners engaged in joint marketing activities.

  • To ensure the proper functioning of our websites and gather data for optimal performance, Webplat employs cookies and similar technologies for data collection and storage.

Registration Data On Our Website

  • Upon your registration or submission of contact information through our website, Webplat may gather and temporarily store your private data. This private data includes the spectrum of information but is not limited to contact details, full name, company and associated role, email and physical address, demographic insights, and the content of your communications with us.
  • For comprehensive guidance on the management of your contact data, email subscription preferences, and promotional communications, we kindly request that you utilize the dedicated "Contact Us" form available on our website. This platform ensures efficient and secure communication regarding your data preferences and interaction with Webplat.